[custom_frame_left]Western Pleasure Super Sires Program

The WESTERN PLEASURE SUPER SIRE program was created by horseman with a passion for the advancement of the Western Pleasure horse. Stallion owners and their stallions provide the western horse industry with visions of quality bloodlines that create great pleasure horses.
The WESTERN PLEASURE SUPER SIRE program formed a Committee during the 2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress in which fourteen (14) stallion owners purchased slots for $5,000.00 Since the end of October, there have been meetings, numerous conferences and telephone conversations amongst the Committee members as well as the stallion owners. Any of the horsemen below that form this Committee can be contacted for further information:

Chairman – Troy Oakley – 940.230.5142 – E-mail
John Wainscott – 513.226.6839 – E-mail
Joan Schroeder – 940.727.3474 – E-mail
Gil Galyean -405.641.8124- E-mail
Jackie Starnes – 803.473.0184 – E-mail
Brett Parrish- 229.224.2019 – E-mail
Liz Hay – 336.462.2738- E-mail
Randy Wilson – 740.819.0257 – E-mail

The above WPSS Committee have agreed that it is in the best interest of the WPSS program to bring ideas and plans to guide the stallion owners that will enhance the Western Pleasure Horse industry. The Committee has strong resolution that the resulting money collected this year as in following years will be distributed to the offspring of any of the Western Pleasure Super Sires and that it should be a Non-Pro event at a highly rated show. The Committee will present to the WPSS stallion owners ideas that will ultimately go to the WPSS Stallion Owners for voting in which the majority will decide and govern the rules.


Following are a few proposed plans that will be voted on by the WPSS owners after the auction has confirmed the final WPSS owners:
• Stallion Incentive Fund
• Color Breed Incentive Bonus
• Homebred Incentive Bonus
• Stallion Owners Rights; Replace deceased or non-producing Stallion
• Location of show
• Two year old or Three year old Event
• Entrant Eligibility- Horse and Rider
• Entry Fees
• Foal Nomination Fees

By the guidance of the WPSS Committee, the following eligibility for stallions to participate is as follows:
• Stallion Slot Annual Fee – $5,000
• Five (5) Year Ownership Contract
• Stallion ownership at 50% or greater
• Frozen Semen ownership at 50% or greater
• WPSS slot becomes sole property of purchaser after (5) years

Eleven (11) slots will be auctioned off online via thehorseauction.com auction platform. All lots will have a starting bid at $5000. The sale will begin at 8:00 a.m. Central time on Monday January 21, 2013, and Ending at 8:00 p.m. Central time on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. The sale site will be live for viewing on Thursday, January 17, 2013 until the sale ending.

For further information and to log onto the site please go to WWW.thehorseaucction.com or you may call Willoughby Sales at: Dan (317) 340-6393 or Carol (765) 491-7899.