Thank you to our sponsors of Kiowa Ranch!

We believe and use every product that we endorse. We appreciate the opportunities that our sponsors provide us to endorse their products. Visit the web sites of our sponsors to learn more about their great products. Or better yet, ask us about these great products and we will be happy to share with you what they mean to our program on a daily basis.

Cinch Jeans


The Cinch brand launched in 1996 as a premium quality jean and shirt brand for the western male consumer. Very soon after introduction, some of the best rodeo, bull riding and equine athletes in the world began to wear and love the brand for its quality fit and look. Today the Cinch brand is known as one of the best fitting premium western jean and shirt lines available. Fashion basic styles in jeans and shirts and new premium fashion jean styles make the brand the choice of those who live their life in the arena or those who want to wear western fashion jeans for hanging out.

Lead Don’t Follow”.

Our consumers are independent, confident, and if you follow our athletes and musicians maybe a little crazy and fun. Come join the franchise of loyal Cinch jeans customers. Wear the brand that puts “fit and styling first” offering you some of the finest products available on the market today.




LubriSyn is so much more than an ordinary oral joint supplement. When you use LubriSyn, you get the same natural joint protection used by champions from Schroeder Ranch!



Bloomer Trailers

If you can dream it we can build it. Bloomer Trailers will be displaying state-of-the-art horse trailers. Featuring the safest horse compartment in the world, take the time to see the most luxurious living quarters.



Western Hauler

This has been the philosophy of Wayne Bell, Larry Roberts and the entire Western Hauler staff since its beginning in 1982. With each Western Hauler comes a new creation… a new generation… that meets and exceeds the exacting specifications, demands and expectations of the modern truck enthusiast. A new creation and a new generation that reaches to set new industry standards and carries on the tradition of excellence.




From the beginning, our scientists set out to understand exactly how good nutrition works. As a result, Nutrena® animal feed has been developing the latest innovations in the care and feeding of animals since 1921. We focus on providing precisely balanced, consistent nutrients in every bag to bring out the best in your animal, at any age or activity level. And there’s no need to simply take our word for it. Our staff includes more than 90 Ph.D.-level scientists who perform research in two innovation centers and 16 application centers, and in participation with universities and partners across the nation. No matter what part of the country you call home, you’ll find Nutrena® feeds readily available so you can give your animals high-quality nutrition. For a lifetime.



Rod Patrick Bootmakers

The Rod Patrick Bootmakers’ reputation has been built upon crafting boots which offer a superior fit. With over 45 years of hand lasting our boots we have refined our traditional techniques and processes, ensuring flawless fits for every pair. Rod Patrick Bootmakers® employs the most experienced and committed artisan craftsmen to hand-last our boots, infusing our natural leathers with their knowledge and skill. We refused to let these perfected skills be lost to the bumbling “efficiency” of modern machines, wise and practiced hands maintain the standards set by our forefathers.